🕯️✨ A Magical Adventure: Candle Class with Hogwarts Houses! ✨🕯️

🕯️✨ A Magical Adventure: Candle Class with Hogwarts Houses! ✨🕯️

🕯️✨ A Magical Adventure: Candle Class with Hogwarts Houses! ✨🕯️

Greetings, witches, wizards, and magical folk alike! Today, we're summoning all Hogwarts alumni and first-years alike to celebrate a very special occasion - Harry Potter's birthday - with a twist of enchantment! What better way to honor The Boy Who Lived than by crafting candles that embody the spirit of each Hogwarts House?

Crafting Your Signature Candle
It's time to get hands-on with the art of candle-making. Picture this: choosing from over 60 enchanting fragrances like Poly Juice Potion (don't worry, it's not made from real Polyjuice ingredients), Butterbeer (a favorite at the Three Broomsticks), Pumpkin Juice (straight from the Great Hall), Felix Felicis (for those who seek a bit of luck), and Draught of Living Death (just a hint of danger!).

Using non-toxic coconut wax and cedar wicks (because even candles have to be eco-friendly in the wizarding world), you'll pour your own 12oz luxury candle that promises over 80 hours of magical burn time. But wait, there's more! Adorn your creation with custom wax seals that proudly display your House crest and sprinkle it with Hogwarts stickers to add that extra flair of wizarding whimsy.

Cheers to Butterbeer Martinis and MimOsa!
No Hogwarts celebration is complete without a toast. Sip on a Butterbeer Martini or a MimOsa (remember, it's leviOsa, not levioSA!) as you mingle with fellow witches and wizards. These concoctions are sure to tickle your taste buds as you reminisce about your favorite Hogwarts memories.

Golden Snitches and Wizarding Wisdom
Snack on mini Golden Snitch cupcakes while you learn about the benefits of clean, vegan candles that are free from parabens, phthalates.

Book Your Journey to Hogwarts
Whether you're planning a magical outing with friends or looking to host a private event, our candle-making classes are the perfect potion for any occasion. Classes run approximately 60-90 minutes, giving you just enough time to brew up some wizardry before heading back to the Muggle world (but only reluctantly, of course).

So, dust off your spellbooks, grab your wand (or just your reservation confirmation), and join us for a spellbinding experience at Poppy & Pomelo. Let's raise our wands to Harry Potter and the magic that continues to inspire us all!

Remember, in the words of Albus Dumbledore, "Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to light the candle." 🕯️✨

See you in class, and as always, mischief managed!

The Poppy & Pomelo Team
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