Light blue iridescent container with a cedar wick. One large rainbow fluorite crystal surrounded by Rose Quartz and Prehnite chips

NEW Clean Slate Crystal Candles

Hello everyone!

We started pouring these a couple of weeks ago and we're really happy to have them in the shop. We chose an assortment of authentic crystals and gemstones that we procured from other reputable small businesses.

Our first candle we want to share is called Clean Slate. It has a large Rainbow Fluorite stone, and is surrounded with rose quartz, and Prehnite. This candle is going to be great for releasing heartache, finding focus and providing guidance while you start a new path. It's the perfect candle for someone getting over a breakup or going through a divorce.

The fluorite is really going to help you think clearly and it's a great crystal to have around in case you're having a panic attack. The Rose quartz chips will welcome in new love for yourself and for others. The Prehnite chips are good for releasing heartache and protecting you from what you're leaving.

Clean Slate is IFRA certified clean and it's a very smooth, musky burn with a light floral splash. 

As always we use vegan, cruelty free coconut wax. We hope the Clean Slate Candle helps center your emotions and brings a sense of mindfulness and clarity to your daily life.


Marin and Kami 

Pick up your own at Poppy and Pomelo $44.95 or here

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