The perfect candle match for Aries

The perfect candle match for Aries

Hey there!

OMG YAY it's Friday. We are so ready for the weekend. Time is flying by and we wanted to give a shout out to Aries before the season change.

Aries are the first sign of the zodiac and an Aries will dive headfirst (like a Ram) into whatever it is they're passionate about.

This is largely due to their planetary ruler, Mars. The planet of desire, action, war, and heat, Mars is responsible for lots of the traits we associate with our Aries besties.

Aries are passionate and confident. They love balanced fragrances such as fruit, flowers and musk. Aries are all giving, warm and generous people. They love making others smile and giving gifts.

Aries like to move 100 miles an hour in all directions. It can be hard to keep up with an impassioned and empowered Aries. With all that being said, our perfect candle match for Aires is Midnight Poppy. 

While we can’t tell you what is in Midnight Poppy (top secret fragrance) we know it’s perfect for a fiery Aries.



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