Candles & Colleagues

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"Candles and Colleagues" is a class that focuses on fostering positive relationships and effective communication within a professional setting. This interactive workshop explores the significance of creating a harmonious work environment through the metaphor of candles. Participants learn how to enhance collaboration, teamwork, and productivity by understanding the importance of individual strengths and the power of collective synergy.

During the class, participants engage in various activities that use candles as symbolic tools to represent different aspects of workplace dynamics. They learn to appreciate the unique qualities and contributions of each team member, while also exploring strategies to address conflicts and challenges constructively.

Through discussions, role-playing exercises, and reflection, participants gain practical skills in active listening, empathetic communication, and conflict resolution. They discover how to create a supportive and inclusive workplace culture that promotes trust, respect, and effective collaboration.

"Candles and Colleagues" is designed to improve workplace relationships, boost morale, and enhance overall team performance. By leveraging the metaphor of candles, this class offers a unique and engaging approach to developing a positive and cohesive work environment.

  • Two-hour pouring session
  • Candle topping bar available (crystals, dried florals, salts, and much more)
  • 10-person minimum

Class highlights: 

  • Each participant will hand-pour their own 12oz luxury candle using non-toxic wax that yields over 80-hours of burn time
  • Choose from three stunning aura-colored glass containers (we have several you can preview) 
  • Choose from seven fresh, inspiring scents like Grapefruit Mint, Cactus Sea Salt, Champagne, Moonflower, etc. 
  • Learn the benefits of clean candles made with coconut wax, cedar, or cotton wicks
  • We keep our products free from parabens, phthalates, zinc, and lead. No animal testing and 100% vegan.
  • All materials are thoughtfully curated and are of the highest standards

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