Curated Holiday Gift Guide "For the Plant Person"

Posted by Caitlyn Edwards on

Hey guys, welcome to day 4 of 12! We are cruising right along just like 2020 has and we've noticed some quarantine trends, one of those trends being the increase in parents, plant parents, that is! Wow! so many people tried their hand at it, its truly impressive and something we couldn't overlook here at P & P, so without further ado, we give you the Plant Person guide! 



Pictured, we have the Plant Lady is the New Cat Lady tote $18, Garden Scissors $24, and the Caged Vase Set (in-store only) $20. 

And of course if these options aren't exactly your person or fall outside of your range alternatives include the Cat Planter $12, the Surrounded by Pricks tote $18, the Moon Hanging Planter $42, and the Dash Hanging Planter $36. 

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