Day 3 of the 12 Day Holiday Gift Guide "For the Wellness Enthusiast"

Posted by Caitlyn Edwards on

Welcome to day 3 of 12. We dedicate this one to the wellness enthusiasts out there. If you happen to be one, we plan to really hook you up in January when you're ready to renew you wellness membership and get your rituals back in check! Until then, here is what we recommend! 



Pictured is the Good Karma Face Spritz (spread happy) $25, Savhera Tracy's Grace Essential Oil Roller (it has a calming effect) $11, and the SIC Marble Tumbler $25 (its triple insulated!). 

It's important to note we love the brands Spritz and Savhera for the social good that these companies do! 

Alternates to these options include Savhera Divine Dreams (for a good night's sleep) $12, Savhera Secret Zest (a happy blend) $13, the Breathe Deeply Face Spritz $25, and the SIC Hammered Gunmetal Water Bottle $20. 


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