Have I lost my mind?!

Have I lost my mind?!

Some of you are probably wondering why I would choose to start a business during a pandemic. I have those fleeting thoughts myself. But what I always return to is the thought of moving forward. That’s just part of my being … to find a way forward.

Months ago I was building my business plan, and I had the entire strategy mapped out. I was so excited to finally be focused on a project that I wanted, that I believed in, that I had control over.

Then the COVID crisis hit, so I pumped the brakes on the business planning for several weeks to just wait and see. At the end of those weeks I realized I was no better off. Instead, I found myself wondering how far along I’d be if I had followed the plan. But that doesn’t matter now as I’m choosing to move forward, not look behind.

So now I’ll go about it a different way. I will make process and planning adjustments as needed. I will focus on the reason I wanted this anyway … to bring color and joy to shopping experiences. To celebrate artists and entrepreneurs from near and far who teach us through the stories and goods they provide. To bring “thoughtful gifting” back into focus, as my colleague Caitlyn likes to say.

We will launch Poppy & Pomelo and we will accept the challenges that will come with it. Every one of them. The timeline and seamlessness may not be as I first planned, but the mission will stay true.

Stay tuned as the shop continues to reveal itself.

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