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Wick & Mortar

Restore Crystal Candle to Anchor and Protect

Restore Crystal Candle to Anchor and Protect

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DETOX helps boost your immune system, inner tranquility, and channel creativity. The largest stone anchoring you is a Tree Agate. Tree Agate helps you regain a sense of stability and control. Tree Agate guards against the toxicity and drama of others, it provides protection from the people and situations that are depleting your energy. Citrine crystal chips welcome abundance, prosperity, and positivity. 

Lemon Chrysoprase is used as a soothing stone for depression, and heart disease, and can help repair the body and mind. It is good for the liver, and detoxification and helps hormonal balance and your digestive system. It is known to increase fertility and treat sexual imbalances.

DETOX fragrance is a bold, mysterious blend of white blossoms, Turkish roses, neroli, and moonflowers. Highlighted with splashes of wild lilac, white musk, and warm sandalwood.

Vegan, cruelty-free coconut wax, eco-friendly crackling wooden wicks, premium blended fragrance + essential oils, embellished with hand-picked healing crystals. We hope this helps center your emotions and intentions and brings you a sense of mindfulness and clarity daily. We only use high-end materials for all of our luxury candles.

  • 80 hr burn 
  • 12 oz hand-poured luxury coconut wax in a reusable glass vessel
  • Authentic crystals and gemstones
  • Created by Poppy & Pomelo + Wick & Mortar Studio
  • Free from parabens, phthalates, zinc, and lead
  • No animal testing and 100% vegan
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